These are authentic artifacts from the RMS Titanic

What these are not: Reproductions; modern or fake. From the sister ship RMS Olympic or from any other ship that was “just like” Titanic.

Titanic wreck wood board identified as part of the deck, from the Kevin Saucier collection.

Did you know?

All the wreck wood sold on this site is cut from this large plank. It was once a shelf inside a cabinet made entirely of Titanic wreck wood. It is yellow pine, identified as part of the Titanic's deck. The shelf was removed for individual sale earlier this century and has been on display at several National exhibits, to include the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C.

Did you also know?

You’re in good company. Three Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer’s, a multi-Emmy Best Actor winner, an Emmy winning TV show Director, and a multi-winning Academy Award Director / Producer all own a Titanic piece from this site…and these are just what are known.