My Journey

Hi there,

I'm Kevin Saucier, owner of Titanic Items /, one of the largest private collections of authentic Titanic artifacts around and well-known globally in the hobby. My interest in her started as a child with a book report and the 1975 publication, "The Greatest Disasters of the 20th Century." Who could have guessed growing up in a broken home and having a Hell's Angel father, that I would be fortunate enough to be able to obtain such treasures and even own some of those original Titanic photos displayed in that book? How did this happen? Here is the unlikely story...

I grew up with a goal of becoming a doctor but was told kids like me can't go to college, so I escaped that life. I married my neighbor, joined the U.S. Air Force Fire/Rescue, obtained the rank of sergeant and earned some nice medals. After my enlistment, I returned to Los Angeles and got a job as firefighter/medic. Soon, I was highly decorated with the Medal of Valor and Courage. This caught the attention of a hot high fashion company.

I was recruited by Guess? Jeans as their Corp. Safety Manager in the height of their popularity, feeling out of place surrounded by super models, celebrities and wealth. Having a young family I was ambitious, working hard/smart to get ahead. Within four years I was a Corp. Executive of what was then a Fortune 300 company; got put on some TV shows and featured in a few magazines for my work. All this by the age of 32. College was next, where I graduated Valedictorian with a degree in business, minor in stats.

During all this time I was collecting sports cards, working with card grading experts and writing articles for hobby magazines. This gave me an idea to make relic cards as a side hustle. Now armed with a degree, some business insight and a passion for cards, I cashed-in some stock and purchased rare fabric from the Titanic at auction. A few months later, I bought exceedingly rare Titanic wreck wood. A new passion was born; Titanic Artifact Collecting!...oh, but how to fund such a costly endeavor?

I noticed there was no real opportunity for the average enthusiast to own a piece of Titanic at a reasonable price. The handful of serious collectors were not willing to "piece-out" their treasured relics. It was just too rare plus the mere thought seemed absurd. Since the auctions lots I had won were large enough, figured I'd keep one and cut one, a logical win/win.

For the first time affordable Titanic pieces were now regularly available to the average collector. Over years I reinvested the steady sales of these small relics you see here into the purchase of other Titanic artifacts. Millions have benefited as the collection has been exhibited for free at National Museums and shown on a documentary.

My collection was prominently featured at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Titanic Exhibit. At the opening gala, Dr. Robert Ballard (discovered Titanic) and James Cameron, Director of the movie "Titanic" both asked if they could join me. Here is my “how awesome is this?” look. 

For all that know me, I'm a jokester by nature with a somewhat friendly demeanor, as you can see an hour later when I photobombed Jim because I could (shhh, he still doesn't know).




 Thank you,

Kevin Saucier


  • Disabled U.S. Veteran
  • Firefighter/Paramedic Medal of Valor Recipient
  • Business Owner & National Exhibitor
  • College Valedictorian 
  • Published Writer
  • Professional Athlete
  • World Traveler
  • Guinness World Book Record Holder
  • Collector/Researcher: Titanic, Medieval Torture & Holocaust Artifacts.